Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding Dress Cleaning service in Elk River MNPreserve your wedding gown with confidence!

You want to cherish your wedding gown for years to come - our expertise and eco-friendly process ensure that you'll have a beautifully preserved gown and accessories. We use healthy, state-of-the-art European technology to clean and preserve your wedding dress. You'll receive your finished, hand-pressed gown sealed in an archival presentation box.

Choose from these options:

- Wedding dress preservation and presentation box
- Gown cleaning and press/hang
- Gown cleaning only

Formalwear: We also specialize in cleaning and pressing formals with the same eco-friendly European cleaning process, safe for you and your garment!

Trust our years of experience: We're a locally-owned business with environmentally-friendly procedures and a friendly service-focused staff. We're ready to answer your questions! Call us for more information about wedding dress and accessory preservation at 763-633-1112.

  • Location

    927 Hwy 10
    Elk River, MN 55330
  • Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday: 6:30am - 7pm,
    Saturday: 9am - 4pm,
    Sunday: Closed


Our Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation cleaning is environmentally sound, gentle on fabrics and safe. The end product to the consumer is comparable in price to the full costs of laundry at home, as our stores are economical to operate with no additional waste disposal costs.