Nature's Dry Cleaners:

Offers Eco-Friendly, State of the Art Technology with Exceptional Customer Service.

Being biodegradable, clear and healthier for your body and the environment, Hydrocarbon is used as the new generation solvent. Using European technology to the fullest our state of the art hand tensioning equipment does wonders for your clothes, leaving a soft finish with crisp creases, a longer lasting garment with no odor. All garments are processed on site with quality, care and kindness every step of the way.

European hand tensioning equipment, hot off the press here in the U.S., is a relatively new alternative to hot head presses that can break buttons and damage some fabrics. By combining Hydrocarbon and European hand tensioning technology, Nature’s discovered the process was not only effective but healthier for employees, family and friends. More importantly, the process provided a clean, safe alternative for customers, their garments and the environment.

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Eco-Friendly Facts About Nature's Dry Cleaners:

1) We use the Safest Cleaning Methods Available For You & Your Clothes: Natures offers hydro carbon solvent dry cleaning, as well as Wet Cleaning methods; which are the safest methods available in the industry! Wet Cleaning is NOT the same as doing your own laundry at home. It is gentler than hand washing and is safe for fabrics such as: silk, cashmere, woolens, & fine delicate’s. Wet cleaning is a water-based, non-toxic, & energy-efficient!It is an dry cleaning alternative that produces brighter whites and more vibrant colors without fading. This cleaning method is also more effective at removing water-based stains. Best of all, your skin is not coming in contact with any harsh chemicals and there is no chemical odor left on your clothes.

2) The Cleaning Solvents That Nature’s Use Are Safe For The Environment: In wet cleaning, there are no chemicals used which avoids: air pollution, water pollution, & soil contamination. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “wet cleaning is the most environmentally sensitive professional method of garment cleaning. It does not use hazardous chemicals, it does not generate hazardous waste, nor does the process create air pollution and it reduces the potential for water and soil contamination. The specialized detergents and conditioner used in the wet clean process are milder than home laundry products. All of the products are disposed of down the drain and easily handled by the local waste water treatment facility.”

3) Our Cleaning Methods Are Safer For Our Employees: The cleaning wet methods that we use satisfy all legal, environmental & work place regulations. We are not putting our employees at risk by being exposed to harsh chemicals.

4) The Machines We Use Are Energy Efficient: The machines that we use in our cleaning process have a lower energy expenditure, which conserves precious energy resources for our environment. and are better for your Garments.

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Nature’s Dry Cleaners offers environmentally friendly dry cleaning service. We’re conveniently located at 927 Hwy 10, Elk River, Minnesota 55330. For convenience we have installed a 24 hour drop box that can be used day and night no matter what your schedule. If you have any questions or would like more information on our drop box service please give us a call at 763-633-1112.

For employment information please call Nature’s Dry Cleaners at 763-633-1112 or download the employment application.

This quality of dry cleaning is superior to old methods, as it is odorless, gentle on fabrics and environmentally safe. The end product to the consumer is comparable in price, as our stores are economical to operate with no additional hazardous waste disposal costs.