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What is Sani Sport?

he waterless, patented Sani Sport Process is the single most effective way to reduce and eliminate dangerous bacteria. It uses UVC, germicide, and purified air.
The Sani Sport process is the only bacteria reduction system that will protect equipment from new bacteria formation, it is the most widely used bacteria reduction system in the sports world.
Sani Sport is the only system purchased and used by NHL Teams to reduce odor and bacteria in equipment, and prevent injury.

Sani Sport Machine

Facts Regarding Bacteria Reduction in Sports Equipment

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The Sani Sport | Sport Equipment Cleaning

The Sani Sport machine will clean sports equipment and sanitize protective gear. Sani Sport is used by over 90% of all individuals and businesses in the protective equipment cleaning industry.

Sani Sport significantly reduces harmful bacteria, including anti-biotic resistant superbug MRSA, in a short twelve minute cycle.