About Us:

Nature's Dry Cleaners offers a locally owned and operated, environmentally friendly dry cleaning with a customer focused approach that includes drive-thru service, drop off and curbside pick up. All garments are cleaned on-site by experienced staff and same day service available but must be in by 8 AM additional fees may apply.

After many years in the cosmetology and cleaning industry the local husband and wife team of Penny & Mark Leadens began to look for a unique business in the service industry that would make a positive impact on the community, be environmentally friendly and offer what they know best, “Exceptional Customer Service”.

Penny began to research a variety of business options. She discovered what she could bring to the community to improve overall health and the environment which was an alternative solution for the dry cleaning industry. Perchloroethylene is a commonly used chemical but has the potential to adversely effect the environment and humans. As an alternative she selected a different process that involved the use of hydrocarbon as a solvent. Over the years, the Chevron Company has revised the process making it self contained, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

She then combined the use of hydrocarbon with European hand tensioning equipment. Penny not only found something that was healthy for family and friends to work around but was safer for her customers, their garments and the environment.

Stop in and greet our friendly staff led by Manager, Sheryl Collins. We are very proud of her professionalism and pleased to have her as our Manager. She is a proud member of the Elk River Community and always wears the ever famous Nature’s Smile. Our team is ready to assist you with all of your dry cleaning needs and will provide you exceptional customer service.

Natures Dry Cleaners Front
Exterior of Natures Dry Cleaning Building

Now Certified in CPR/AED

Nature’s Dry Cleaners Employees Now Certified in CPR/AED, September 2017 – Elk River, MN Nature’s Dry Cleaners now has full-time employees certified in CPR/AED. These certifications help our employees to be prepared for emergencies, and be ready to save a life. Response time for emergency first responders averages 8-12 minutes after the 911 call: during a cardiac arrest, each minute delay in defibrillation can reduce a person’s survival chances by approximately 10%.* This is why Nature’s Dry Cleaners has chosen to encourage certification with our full-time employees. Congratulations to our team members, including Sheryl Collins and Penny Klatt Leadens, on this achievement! *CPR/AED facts from the American Red Cross for more information.

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Nature’s Dry Cleaners offers environmentally friendly dry cleaning service. We’re conveniently located at 927 Hwy 10, Elk River, Minnesota 55330. For convenience we have installed a 24 hour drop box that can be used day and night no matter what your schedule. If you have any questions or would like more information on our drop box service please give us a call at 763-633-1112.

For employment information please call Nature’s Dry Cleaners at 763-633-1112 or download the employment application.